I'm now working on the port of PostgreSQL on AIX.
(RPMs can be found, as free OpenSource work, at http://http://bullfreeware.com/ 
 http://bullfreeware.com/search.php?package=postgresql )

I was not aware of any issue with XLC v12 on AIX for atomic operations.
(XLC v13 generates at least 2 tests failures)

For now, with version 9.6.1, all tests "check-world", plus numeric_big test, 
are OK, in both 32 & 64bit versions.

Am I missing something ?

I configure the build of PostgreSQL with (in 64bits):


Am I missing some option for more optimization on AIX ?




Le 01/02/2017 à 12:07, Konstantin Knizhnik a écrit :
Attached please find my patch for XLC/AIX.
The most critical fix is adding __sync to pg_atomic_fetch_add_u32_impl.
The comment in this file says that:

      * __fetch_and_add() emits a leading "sync" and trailing "isync",
      * providing sequential consistency.  This is undocumented.

But it is not true any more (I checked generated assembler code in
This is why I have added __sync() to this function. Now pgbench working

Also there is mysterious disappearance of assembler section function
with sync instruction from pg_atomic_compare_exchange_u32_impl.
I have fixed it by using __sync() built-in function instead.

Thanks to everybody who helped me to locate and fix this problem.


Konstantin Knizhnik
Postgres Professional: http://www.postgrespro.com
The Russian Postgres Company

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