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Hi Konstantin


I'm on AIX 7.1 for now.

I'm using this version of *XL**C v13*:

# xlc -qversion
IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V13.1.3 (5725-C72, 5765-J07)
Version: 13.01.0003.0003

With this version, I have (at least, since I tested with "check" and not "check-world" at that time) 2 failing tests: create_aggregate , aggregates .

With the following *XLC v12* version, I have NO test failure:

# /usr/vac/bin/xlc -qversion
IBM XL C/C++ for AIX, V12.1 (5765-J02, 5725-C72)
Version: 12.01.0000.0016

So maybe you are not using XLC v13.1.3.3, rather another sub-version. Unless you are using more options for the configure ?


What are the options that you give to the configure ?

export CC="/opt/IBM/xlc/13.1.3/bin/xlc"
export CFLAGS="-qarch=pwr8 -qtune=pwr8 -O2 -qalign=natural -q64 "
export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-bbigtoc,-b64"
export AR="/usr/bin/ar -X64"
export LD="/usr/bin/ld -b64 "
export NM="/usr/bin/nm -X64"
./configure --prefix="/opt/postgresql/xlc-debug/9.6"

*Hard load & 64 cores ?* OK. That clearly explains why I do not see this issue.

*pgbench ?* I wanted to run it. However, I'm still looking where to get it plus a guide for using it for testing.

pgbench is part of Postgres distributive (src/bin/pgbench)

I would add such tests when building my PostgreSQL RPMs on AIX. So any help is welcome !


- Also, I'd like to compare PostgreSQL performance on AIX vs Linux/PPC64. Any idea how I should proceed ? Any PostgreSQL performance benchmark that I could find and use ? pgbench ?

pgbench is most widely used tool simulating OLTP workload. Certainly it is quite primitive and its results are rather artificial. TPC-C seems to be better choice. But the best case is to implement your own benchmark simulating actual workload of your real application.

- I'm interested in any information for improving the performance & quality of my PostgreSQM RPMs on AIX./(As I already said, BullFreeware RPMs for AIX are free and can be used by anyone, like Perzl RPMs are//.////My compa//ny (ATOS/Bull) sells IBM Power machines under the Escala brand s//ince ages (25 years this year)//)/.

*How to help ?*

How could I help for improving the quality and performance of PostgreSQL on AIX ?

We still have one open issue at AIX: see https://www.mail-archive.com/pgsql-hackers@postgresql.org/msg303094.html
It will be great if you can somehow help to fix this problem.

Konstantin Knizhnik
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