Pavel Stehule wrote:

> Identification of unjoined tables should be very useful - but it is far to
> original proposal - so it can be solved separately.
> This patch is simple - and usually we prefer more simple patches than one
> bigger.
> Better to enhance this feature step by step.

Agreed -- IMO this is a reasonable first step, except that I would
rename the proposed extension so that it doesn't focus solely on the
first step.  I'd pick a name that suggests that various kinds of checks
are applied to queries, so "require_where" would be only one of various
options that can be enabled.  It will make no sense to enable the
require_where module in order to disallow unjoined tables.  At the same
time, I don't see us providing a dozen of "require_foo" modules.  So
we'd better start making this one extensible from the get go.

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