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> On 01/17/2017 09:26 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
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>>> MERGE isn't UPSERT, and isn't even in competition with UPSERT as a
>>> feature. I've written reams of text explaining why this is so in
>>> precise detail, ...
> Hello,
> This is the webinar that started this whole thread (well the original
> thread, not this weird MERGE/UPSERT stuff):
> https://www.commandprompt.com/blog/postgresql_for_oracle_people/
> Thank you to everyone that responded. You will see in this Webinar that at
> least from the Oracle people perspective, PostgreSQL is not an option
> unless it has packages.
> The other item that people bring up a few times is Oracle Forms but as
> that is actually external (although dependent) on Oracle, I don't see that
> as our responsibility.

DB2 propose using schemas instead packages


Now I am working with Oracle application - and I try to understand to
Oracle developers - often pattern is using "Oracle schema" as database -
and then the packages has sense. But there is not a mapping "Oracle schema"
= "PostgreSQL schema" - and packages is a redundant concept in Postgres
(and in all db, where the schema are like namaspace - MSSQL, DB2, MySQL).



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