> Still I little bit afraid about nesting - Postgres allows function 
> overloading with specific mechanism of selecting called function. Sometimes 
> it is problematic now, and the this structure is flat. 
> I like a idea of more close relation between function and schema. This means 
> implicit setting of SEARCH_PATH to function schema. It is simply but powerful 
> idea. 
> CREATE FUNCTION mod.func() 
> can be dynamically executed like
> AS $$
>   ..
> $$;
Ah, yes. 
It is my understanding that PG treats functions more like macros.
That is the search_path for queries inside the function is not fixed to the one 
in effect when the function was defined.
This does have advantages in some cases, but it hurts in this case.
What you are describing is syntax to force that in some form or other.
This is actually not hard to do at all.
PG already records the search path in the function cache (I think) and plan 
source cache (I know), just not in pg_proc.
If PG supported this functionality it would improve the mapping.

> I understand well so missing nested structures is big complication when you 
> do port from environment where this functionality is used. But the nesting 
> means usually more complex solution - and in these days I don't believe so it 
> is necessary. PLpgSQL doesn't allow nested functions - it is strongly reduced 
> against original PL/SQL - and it is visible only when you do migration from 
> Oracle. 
I’m not talking about nested PLpgSQL function definition. That is indeed rather 
advanced and while I have seen it (and its’s supported in DB2 of that reason) I 
would not consider it high priority.
Multiple packages in different schema are common however because applications 
use schemas for versioning. That’s why flattening the package into a schema as 
supported today does not work in these cases.


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