BTW, the buildfarm is still crashing on ia64 and sparc64 members.
I believe this is the same problem addressed in 84ad68d64 for
pageinspect's GIN functions, to wit, the payload of a "bytea"
is not maxaligned, so machines that care about alignment won't be
happy when trying to fetch 64-bit values out of a bytea page image.

Clearly, the fix should be to start using the get_page_from_raw()
function that Peter introduced in that patch.  But it's static in
ginfuncs.c, which I thought was a mistake at the time, and it's
proven so now.

contrib/pageinspect actually seems to lack *any* infrastructure
for sharing functions across modules.  It's time to remedy that.
I propose inventing "pageinspect.h" to hold commonly visible
declarations, and moving get_page_from_raw() into rawpage.c,
which seems like a reasonably natural home for it.  (Alternatively,
we could invent a pageinspect.c file to hold utility functions,
but that might be overkill.)

                        regards, tom lane

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