>> 1) Check if an overflow page is a new page. If so, read a bitmap page
>> to confirm if a bit corresponding to this overflow page is clear or
>> not. For this, I would first add Assert statement to ensure that the
>> bit is clear and if it is, then set the statusbit as false indicating
>> that the page is free.
>> 2) In case if an overflow page is not new, first verify if it is
>> really an overflow page and if so, check if the bit corresponding to
>> it in the bitmap page is SET. If so, set the statusbit as true; If
>> not, we would see an assertion failure happening.
> I think this is complicated and not what anybody wants.  I think you
> should do exactly what I said above: return true if the bit is set in
> the bitmap, and false if it isn't.  Full stop.  Don't read or do
> anything with the underlying page.  Only read the bitmap page.

Okay, As per the inputs from you, I have modified hash_bitmap_info()
and have tried to keep the things simple. Attached is the patch that
has this changes. Please have a look and let me know if you feel it is
not yet in the right shape. Thanks.

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