Jan Wieck wrote:
> What exactly did you test? If it is the PeerDirect Beta version of
> PostgreSQL for Windows named UltraSQL, please know that thus far there
> has to my knowledge not been an offical, supported release of UltraSQL
> yet - and since the company eliminated the group working on that port,
> doubt there ever will.

I tested the binary released version and my own compiled version.  I
have been trying to compile the version that is patched to the latest
official release but so far I've been having trouble getting that

> PeerDirect tried to contribute the Win32 port portion of their work to
> the open source project. The PostgreSQL global development team has
> yet made any final decision if or what parts of that code will or will
> not become part of the regular PostgreSQL distribution.
> Could you therefore calm down, stop shouting, comb your hair, get the
> sources of the current work in progress and send in your
> complains/suggestions in context diff format?

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend. My understanding is that the UltraSQL
patches are likely to go into general release when the source goes
There is at least one show-stopping bug which I believe is related to
the shared memory emulation.  I am almost 100% sure that the bug is in
the win32 side and if still present will carry over to the latest
I offered to help find and catch it: but before I spend the time to do
that I'd like to at least know if the problem has already been
addressed.  I was responding to the call for capable developers to help
test upcoming patch, posted on this very list about two weeks ago.  I'm
not asking for support but trying to help.  

Sorry to bother,

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