Jan Wieck wrote:
>PeerDirect tried to contribute the Win32 port portion of their work to
>the open source project.
>The PostgreSQL global development team has not
>yet made any final decision if or what parts of that code will or will
>not become part of the regular PostgreSQL distribution
Bruce Momjian wrote:
>Actually, I believe we have decided to use the PeerDirect code to do a
>native Win32 port for 7.4.  I just posted my first patch, and will spend
>most of the next two months completing the job.
Merlin Moncure wrote:
>There is at least one show-stopping bug which I believe is related to
>the shared memory emulation.  I am almost 100% sure that the bug is in
>the win32 side and if still present will carry over to the latest
>I offered to help find and catch it: but before I spend the time to do
>that I'd like to at least know if the problem has already been
>addressed.  I was responding to the call for capable developers to help
>test upcoming patch, posted on this very list about two weeks ago.
We already use Psql on Linux via ODBC as a "big compatible MS Access RDBMS", with appropriate functions and operators (great!!).
I think that a Win version of Postgres could easily replace this MS product for professional usages, and I can test it to do that.
Many Win developers could receive benefits, could approach the OS world and Postgres could become more used than MySQL... (thank God!)
I renew my aid as beta tester for a Win32 version, when it will be placed on the CVS repository, as already posted.
Let me know...

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