On 2/3/17 6:39 PM, Andres Freund wrote:

On 2017-02-03 18:32:03 -0600, Jim Nasby wrote:
Commit 48354581a49c30f5757c203415aa8412d85b0f70 (Allow Pin/UnpinBuffer to
operate in a lockfree manner) removed the code in PinBuffer that
conditionally incremented usage_count when a ring buffer was in use. Was
that intentional? ISTM the old behavior should have been retained.

Hm. You mean the else in
                if (strategy == NULL)
                        if (buf->usage_count < BM_MAX_USAGE_COUNT)
                        if (buf->usage_count == 0)
                                buf->usage_count = 1;
(Not sure what you exactly mean with "conditionally increment")?

Exactly that.

I don't really recall - I suspect it wasn't (otherwise we'd have had to
update the function's comment and remove the arguument).  Alexander?  I
suspect I'd skipped implementing it in my prototype and when finishing
the patch Alexander didn't see that part.

I have a hard time believing it makes any sort of meaningful difference
though - you see one?

No, I noticed it while reading code. Removing that does mean that if any non-default strategy (in any backend) hits that buffer again then the buffer will almost certainly migrate into the main buffer pool the next time one of the rings hits that buffer, whereas previously the only way that could happen is if someone accessed the buffer outside of a ring and the clock hadn't visited the buffer yet. In other words, this is about as fuzzy as a two week old grapefruit.

Obviously the code and comments should be made to match though.

Also, shouldn't there be warnings or something from having a function argument that's never used?
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