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> Hello,
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>>  I tried a committed Logical Replication environment. I found
>>  that replication between databases of different encodings did
>>  not convert encodings in character type columns. Is this
>>  behavior correct?
> The output plugin for subscription is pgoutput and it currently
> doesn't consider encoding but would easiliy be added if desired
> encoding is informed.
> The easiest (but somewhat seems fragile) way I can guess is,
> - Subscriber connects with client_encoding specification and the
>   output plugin pgoutput decide whether it accepts the encoding
>   or not. If the subscriber doesn't, pgoutput send data without
>   conversion.

Hmm I wonder if we should just make the subscriber send the
client_encoding always (based on server encoding of the subscriber).
That should solve the issue in combination with your patch no?

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