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>> Hmm I wonder if we should just make the subscriber send the
>> client_encoding always (based on server encoding of the subscriber).
>> That should solve the issue in combination with your patch no?
> Yeah, right. I considered that a subscriber might want to set its
> own value for that but that is useless.
> The attached patch does the following things to just prevent
> making a logical replication connection between databases with
> inconsistent encodings.
> - added client_encoding with subscriber(or standby)'s encoding at
>   the last of options in libpqrcv_connect.
> - CheckLogicalDecodingRequirements refuses connection for a
>   request with inconsistent encodings.
>> ERROR:  logical replication requires consistent encodings on both side 
>> (publisher = UTF8, subscriber = EUC_JP)

I am not quite convinced that this should be handled by logical decoding
itself. It's quite possible to have output plugins that will handle this
correctly for their use-cases (by doing similar conversion you did in
the original patch) so they should not be prevented doing so.
So it's probably better to check this in the plugin.

I do like the idea of just using client_encoding in libpqrcv_connect though.

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