* Rushabh Lathia ( wrote:
> Commit c59a1a89035674c6efacc596d652528cebba37ec don't allow non-positive
> number
> of jobs. Now on 9.2 number of jobs get assigned to opts->number_of_jobs. If
> user don't specify any value -j then default value will be always 0. Which
> will
> lead to the "invalid number of parallel jobs" error.
>     if (opts->number_of_jobs <= 0)
>     {
>         fprintf(stderr, _("%s: invalid number of parallel jobs\n"),
> progname);
>         exit(1);
>     }
> Please find attach patch to initialize default value for number of jobs to
> 1.

Ugh.  This is what I get for thinking that our regression tests actually
test even the basic things.

That fix should go into NewRestoreOptions() where the other not-zero
settings go.

I'll fix it here in a few.



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