Since now is the time for contrib/ flamewars, this seemed a good time
to suggest this.

My colleague, Sorin Iszlai, wrote us a little program for rotating
our Postgres logs.  It reads stdout and stderr, and sends them to
different files (and rotates them as necessary).  It is currently
hand-configureable (i.e. by altering some variables at the top of the
script), and is more or less designed for use in our own environment.

Tom Lane recently mentioned to me that a common complaint is that
postgres doesn't have its own log rotator.  There are, of course,
plenty of good ones, and syslog itself works pretty well for most
people.  But there are still complaints from time to time about the
lack of a "built in" log rotator.

We'd be happy to release our rotator under the PostgreSQL BSD
license, if it would be of use to people.  I was thinking that
perhaps contrib/ would be a good place for it, since the idea is to
reduce complaints that there's no log rotator "included".  

Is anyone interested in having pglog-rotator?

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