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>> That should probably be documented in the file header.
> Right.  OK, did that and a few other cleanups, and committed.

The new SH_CREATE(MemoryContext ctx, uint32 nelements) don't have any
option to supply arguments to it. Our callback functions need access
to TBM.

Is it expected that if the user of SH_CREATE who doesn't want to pass
a "MemoryContext" then we can pass arguments instead of ctx?

something like this ?
if (!tbm->dsa)
       tbm->pagetable = pagetable_create(tbm->mcxt, 128);
       tbm->pagetable = pagetable_create((MemoryContext)tbm, 128);

And, In allocation function, we can access this context and typecast to tbm?

As shown below.
static void *
pagetable_allocate(pagetable_hash *pagetable, Size size)
    TIDBitmap  *tbm = pagetable->ctx;

So Is it expected to do like I explained above, or we missed to have
an arg parameter to SH_CREATE as well as in SH_TYPE structure or there
is some other way you have in mind?

Dilip Kumar
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com

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