On 2017-02-10 20:31:12 +0200, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> On 02/10/2017 08:27 PM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > For me a killer feature would be if/when we can get to a point where we can
> > have something pgxs-style on cmake that also works on windows.
> > 
> > Our homemade Windows build system works OK for postgres, and while ugly it
> > is as you say well tested by now. But it doesn't do *anything* to help
> > people build extensions on Windows.
> Do we need to build PostgreSQL itself using cmake, to achieve that? Could we
> write something like pgxs for cmake, only for extensions?

I don't see why it'd need to be done together.  The minimal version
would be a simple cmake file that just sets a bunch of variables from
pg_config, provides a few rules for specifying the current pgxs stuff,
and an example stanza how to include that file.  We'd have to duplicate
some of the pgxs specific logic, but that's probably not too bad.

- Andres

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