On 2017/02/13 16:39, Ashutosh Bapat wrote:
> Hi
> Bulletted list in Devel branch are all showing up bold as seen in the
> screenshot of [1] attached. But the same page for 9.6 branch shows
> normal bulletted lists. If I try to bulid docs from the latest
> resources (at commit ae0e550ce1703621efb3b75f4558df253cef5bca), the
> html renders bulletted items normally. Does anybody else notice this?
> Sorry, if there was some previous report of this and the issue has
> been fixed but HTML pages on postgresql.org haven't got refreshed.

I've seen some other formatting differences as well when viewing the HEAD
versions of the docs on www.postgresql.org (couldn't really tell from the
locally built ones viewed in Chrome on Windows, because not sure if the
same styling rules are being applied).

Screenshots comparing snippets of the create-table refpage are attached
(one is for 9.6 and the other for HEAD, as filenames indicate).

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