Hello Corey,

I went back to master and re-applied v11, something must have gotten lost
in translation.

Probably you need "git add" for added files?

About v14: patch applies, make check ok, psql tap tests ok.

All seems fine to me. Test coverage is better than a lot of other features. Code & comments seem fine. Doc and example are clear enough to me.

The level of messages in interactive is terse but informative when needed, on errors and when commands are ignored. The only missing point is about doing something to the prompt, but given the current messages ISTM that this can wait for a follow-up patch. Robert Haas advice is to keep it simple and short and in %R. There was also some suggestion to have a "show the stack" command for debug, I think that this can wait as well.

I've turned again the CF entry to "ready for committers", to see what committers thing about this new and simplified version.


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