Hello Tom,

So moving the conditional stack back into PsqlScanState has some side
effects: conditional.[ch] have to move to the fe_utils/ dirs, and now
pgbench, which does not use conditionals, would have to link to them. Is
that a small price to pay for modularity and easier-to-find code? Or should
I just tuck it back into psqlscan_int.[ch]?

Pardon me for coming in late, but what in the world has this to do with
the lexer's state at all?  IOW, I don't think I like either of what you're
suggesting ...

The "lexer" state holds the stuff useful to psql to know where commands start and stop, to process backslash commands, including counting parenthesis and nested comments and so on... It seems logical to put the "if" stack there as well, but if you think that it should be somewhere else, please advise Corey about where to put it.


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