Josh Berkus wrote:
> 1) At least one "main" table with 12+ columns and 100,000+ rows
> 2) At least 10-12 additional tables of assorted sizes, at least half
> which
> should have Foriegn Key relationships to the main table(s) or each
> 3) At least one large text or varchar field among the various tables.
> In addition, the following items would be helpful, but are not
> 4) Views, triggers, and functions built on the database
> 5) A query log of database activity to give us sample queries to work
> with.
> 6) Some complex data types, such as geometric, network, and/or custom
> types.
Might I recommend the FCC database of transmitters.  Its publicly
available via anonymous FTP, medium largish with tables running 100k ->
1m+ records, and demonstrates many interesting test cases.  For example,
lat/lon spatial queries (RTree vs. GIST) can be tested with a decent
volume.  Also it demonstrates a good example of the use of schemas.
Email me if you want info.

Format is pipe delimited (non quoted), and data turnover is < 1% a week.


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