Bruno Wolff III wrote:

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 13:26:01 -0500,

I don't know that it meets your criteria, but.....

I have a set of scripts and a program that will load the US Census TigerUA
database into PostgreSQL. The thing is absolutely freak'n huge. I forget
which, but it is either 30g or 60g of data excluding indexes.

Are the data model or the loading scripts available publicly? I have the tiger data and a program that uses it to convert addresses to latitude and longitude, but I don't really like the program and was thinking about trying to load the data into a database and do queries against the database to find location.

I have a set of scripts, SQL table defs, a small C program, along with a set of field with files that loads it into PGSQL using the "copy from stdin" It works fairly well, but takes a good long time to load it all.

Should I put it in the download section of my website?

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