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> wrote:
> > I don't think it's acceptable (or necessary) to move the DSA
> > definitions into postgres.h.  Why do you think you need to do that,
> > vs. just including dsa.h in a few more places?
> I need to access dsa_pointer in tidbitmap.h, which is included from
> FRONTEND as well. Now, problem is that dsa.h is including #include
> "port/atomics.h", but atomic.h can not be included if FRONTEND is
> defined.
> #ifndef ATOMICS_H
> #define ATOMICS_H
> #ifdef FRONTEND
> #error "atomics.h may not be included from frontend code"
> #endif
> Is there any other solution to this ?

How about creating another header file with the parallel changes
and include it only in necessary places?

Following are my observations, while going through the patch.

+typedef uint32 dsa_pointer;
+typedef uint64 dsa_pointer;

I feel the declaration of the above typdef can be moved into the
section above if we going with the current move into postgres.h

+ * tbm_alloc_shared
+ *
+ * Callback function for allocating the memory for hashtable elements.
+ * It allocates memory from DSA if tbm holds a reference to a dsa.
+ */
+static inline void *
+pagetable_allocate(pagetable_hash *pagetable, Size size)

Function name and comments mismatch?

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