Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> What would get me a whole lot more excited is if the server could write
> directly to a file and do its own rotating (or at least reopening of
> files).

AFAICS, the only practical way to do this is to have a single process
collecting the stdout/stderr from the postmaster and all its children.
pglog-rotator is one implementation of that approach.

I too would rather this functionality were integrated into the server,
but I haven't noticed anyone stepping up to the plate to do it.

> Considering that your rotator is tailored to a rather specific setup, it
> doesn't do anything better compared to established ones, it prevents the
> use of pg_ctl, it's written in Perl, and it doesn't do anything for
> Windows users, I think it's not suitable for a general audience.

These might be good arguments for not putting it into the mainstream,
but I don't think they have any force if we consider it for contrib.

I feel we really ought to have *some* rotator included in the standard
distro, just so that the Admin Guide can point to a concrete solution
instead of having to arm-wave about what you can get off the net.
If someone can offer a better alternative than Andrew's, great, let's
see it.

                        regards, tom lane

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