More progress in vectorized Postgres extension (VOPS). It is not required any more to use some special functions in queries. You can use vector operators in query with standard SQL and still get ten times improvement on some queries.
VOPS extension now uses post parse analyze hook to transform query.
I really impressed by flexibility and extensibility of Postgres type system. User defined types&operatpors&casts do most of the work.

It is still responsibility of programmer or database administrator to create proper projections of original table. This projections need to use tiles types for some attributes (vops_float4,...). Then you can query this table using standard SQL. And this query will be executed using vector operations!

Example of such TPC-H queries:

    sum(l_quantity) as sum_qty,
    sum(l_extendedprice) as sum_base_price,
    sum(l_extendedprice*(1-l_discount)) as sum_disc_price,
    sum(l_extendedprice*(1-l_discount)*(1+l_tax)) as sum_charge,
    avg(l_quantity) as avg_qty,
    avg(l_extendedprice) as avg_price,
    avg(l_discount) as avg_disc,
    count(*) as count_order
    l_shipdate <= '1998-12-01'::date
group by
order by

    sum(l_extendedprice*l_discount) as revenue
    l_shipdate between '1996-01-01'::date and '1997-01-01'::date
    and l_discount between 0.08 and 0.1
    and l_quantity < 24;

On 13.02.2017 17:12, Konstantin Knizhnik wrote:
Hello hackers,

There were many discussions concerning possible ways of speeding-up Postgres. Different approaches were suggested:

- JIT (now we have three different prototype implementations based on LLVM)
- Chunked (vectorized) executor
- Replacing pull with push
- Columnar store (cstore_fdw, IMCS)
- Optimizing and improving current executor (reducing tuple deform overhead, function call overhead,...)

Obviously the best result can be achieved in case of combining all this approaches. But actually them are more or less interchangeable: vectorized execution is not eliminating interpretation overhead, but it is divided by vector size and becomes less critical.

I decided to write small prototype to estimate possible speed improvement of vectorized executor. I created special types representing "tile" and implement standard SQL operators for them. So neither Postgres planer, nether Postgres executor, nether Postgres heap manager are changed. But I was able to reach more than 10 times speed improvement on TPC-H Q1/Q6 queries!

Please find more information here: The sources of the project can be found here:

Konstantin Knizhnik
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