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> Have you read any of our innumerable previous discussions about this?

No, sorry, didn't see them, thanks for sharing the links.

> The short answer is that nobody can see a way to modify the identifier
> case-folding rules that isn't going to add more pain than it subtracts.
> And much of the added pain will be felt by people who aren't getting
> any benefit, who will therefore be vociferously against the whole thing.

I've read the discussion and have an idea:

When case preservation by default is on, then simply enforce
UNIQUE(LOWER(object_name)), to prevent ambiguity.

If all objects lowercase names are unique, but the casing is
preserved, then a user who later on suffers from problems with
external tools that work poorly with non-lowercase object names, could
then simply switch back to lowercase object names by changing the GUC.

OTOH, if not enforcing lowercase uniqueness, there would be a risk two
objects with different casing would have conflicting lowercase names,
and then the user who later runs into problems with some external tool
would have a serious problem, since switching to lowercase would not
be an option.

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