On 2/20/17 3:30 AM, Joel Jacobson wrote:
Also, I think the --lowercase-uniqueness feature would be useful by
itself even without the --case-preserving feature,
since that might be a good way to enforce a good design of new databases,
as a mix of "users" and "Users" is probably considered ugly by many
system designers.

FWIW, I don't think --lowercase-uniqueness is a good name. --case-insensitive-unique would be better.

In addition to that, it'd be interesting to allow for a user-supplied name validation function that can throw an error if it sees something it doesn't like (such as a name that contains spaces, or one that's longer than NAMEDATALEN). I suspect it'd be pretty hard to add that though.

BTW, keep in mind that what you're suggesting here means changing *every* catalog that contains a name field. A query against info_schema will show you that that's most of them.
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