My point is that some xsl file should be fixed somewhere, probably, to avoid

Yeah, I noticed this too, and I think Ashutosh also complained about
it on another thread.  It's pretty annoying - I hope somebody can
figure out the cause and fix it.  It seems to be only affecting the
development docs.

My 0.02€:

After some random digging, it seems that the documentation files are loaded from provided tarballs by a script: "tools/docs/" maintained in "pgweb.git". Maybe this is run from some cron.

AFAICS from the script, the provided tarballs contains the generated html that someone/something has already generated and put somewhere. I have found no clear clue about who, where and when. However I would bet that "Magnus Hagander" and "Dave Page" know, given that they commits suggest that they are maintaining the site:-)

The load script passes the doc through "tidy" with some options, and registers the pages into a database probably for django. I doubt this would change the ul class.

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