Hello Magnus,

It turns out the "c2" class is added by tidy. The reason is this:

I've removed the flag for the devel docs build for now (or - for any XML
based docs build). I've also forced another docs load, so the results can
be checked.

Indeed, thanks, now it looks great... under firefox at least.

Another issue in the new HTML documentation, this time not related to the web site. Under chrome there are some strange font size effects on options, for instance with this HTML in "app-psql.html":

 <span class="term">
   <code class="option">-f
     <em class="replaceable"><code>filename</code></em>

For previous versions, the following html was generated:

  <tt class="OPTION">-f <tt class="REPLACEABLE c2">filename</tt></tt>

The filename in the newer html appears much larger under chrome, seemingly because of the <code> within a <code>. Maybe a bug in chrome CSS interpretation, because CSS on code seems to indicate "font-size: 1.3em", but it seems to do 1.3**2 instead for "filename"... However it does not do that elsewhere so it may not be that simple...

Basically it looks ok under chrome if in the initial sgml file there is:

  <term><option>-s</option> <replaceable>scale_factor</></term>

(replaceable is out of option)

But bad on:


(replaceable is in the option), because the size change is somehow applied twice.

The docbook doc says that "replaceable" is a children of "option", which seems to suggest that this nested usage is legit... but it may be buggy as well.

This may be fixed/worked around in several places:

 1. html generation could be clever enough not to nest "code" tags?
    or generate tt tags instead as was done before?

    I have not found where this transformation is defined, probably
    somewhere within "docbook"...

 2. avoid replaceable within option in initial sgml files
    => many changes, will reappear if someone forgets.

 3. some more post-processing tidying could be done

 4. chrome should be repaired if there is indeed a bug...


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