* Peter Eisentraut ( wrote:
> Logical replication
> - Add PUBLICATION catalogs and DDL
> - Add SUBSCRIPTION catalog and DDL
> - Define logical replication protocol and output plugin
> - Add logical replication workers

I'm not entirely sure about the reasoning behind requiring a flag to
include subscriptions in pg_dump output, as the documentation doesn't
actually provide one, but if we are going to require that, shouldn't
pg_upgrade use it, to make sure that the subscriptions are pulled
forward to the upgraded cluster?

Also, we should probably discuss that default in pg_dump to not include
something in the database by default as that's not something we've ever
done before.  We made a very deliberate point to make sure that RLS
didn't work by default with pg_dump to avoid the risk that we might not
dump include everything in the database in the pg_dump output.  I agree
that it's not exactly the same, but even so, I was surprised to find
out that subscriptions aren't included by default and I doubt I'd be

If this was all already discussed, I'm happy to go review the relevant
thread(s).  I'll admit that I didn't follow all of that discussion very
closely, I'm just going through parts of pg_dump which are not being
tested in our regression tests currently and discovered that dumping out
subscriptions is not tested at all.



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