* Peter Eisentraut ( wrote:
> On 2/17/17 09:33, Stephen Frost wrote:
> >> One reason is that pg_subscription is only readable by a superuser, so
> >> we can't even dump them unless we're superuser.
> > Sure, but that's true of roles and other things..  On a system with RLS,
> > likely only the database superuser can actually read everything.
> There are some concurrent discussions about getting a list of
> subscriptions without having superuser.  Once that is resolved, we'll
> likely have more options here, such as dumping only subscriptions you
> are owner of or something like that.

I certainly agree that we should provide a way to view subscriptions,
and perhaps do other things with them, without being a superuser.

I was going to suggest that it might make sense to have a role attribute
or a default role created for managing publications/subscriptions.  It
seems like this should be independent of the existing replicaiton role
attribute, which is about physical replication.



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