Jim Nasby wrote:
> See below. ISTM that pg_get_object_address should support everything
> pg_identify_object_as_address can output, no?
> I'm guessing the answer here is to have pg_identify_object_as_address
> complain if you ask it for something that's not mapable.

Yes, I think we should just reject the case in
pg_identify_object_as_address.  Note that you can refer to the type
using it pg_type entry:

alvherre=# select * from pg_identify_object_as_address(1247,'comp'::regtype, 
 type │ object_names  │ object_args 
 type │ {public.comp} │ {}
(1 fila)

alvherre=# select * from pg_get_object_address('type', '{public.comp}', '{}');
 classid │ objid │ subobjid 
    1247 │ 16400 │        0
(1 fila)

Trying to accept it using its pg_class entry would require adding an
OBJECT_COMPOSITE_TYPE member to the ObjectType enum.  I considered it
back then, and eventually decided that it was not worth the trouble.

Another way to think about this problem is an approach Peter E suggested
not long ago, which was to change the objname/objargs representation
more completely.

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