On 2/17/17 10:46 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Jim Nasby wrote:
On 2/17/17 10:19 PM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
(FWIW, I'm wondering because I was just looking to see why there's no
details for things like altering a column in a table.)
Do you mean you want to have access to the details of the alter table
operations being executed?  There's no structured data for that; you
need to write a C function to examine the pg_ddl_command opaque column.
Yeah. It doesn't seem unreasonable for a user to want to get at that info.
Sure.  We have the extension that turned the command into JSON.  It's
still an unfinished patch, sadly, even though Alex Shulgin spent a lot
of effort trying to get it finished.  It is still missing a nontrivial
amount of work, but within reach ISTM.

I wonder if there's some generic way we could make C structs to JSON. IIRC there's other places where that ability would be handly.
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