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Jim Nasby <jim.na...@bluetreble.com> writes:
Something that needs to be considered with doing this in
pg_stat_statement is that a query that's reported there can contain
multiple SQL statements. I don't remember offhand if all statements get
parsed as a whole before anything else happens; if that's the case then
you could potentially have an array in pg_stat_statements indicating
what the command tags are.
I think that's been addressed as of 83f2061dd.

My own concern here is that pg_stat_statements shared hashtable entries
(pgssEntry) are currently 200 bytes, if I counted correctly.  It's hard
to see how to implement this feature without adding COMPLETION_TAG_BUFSIZE
(64 bytes) to that, which is kind of a large percentage bump for a feature
request that AFAIR nobody else has ever made.

AFAIK the only variable part of any tag is the rowcount from SELECT (if that's even part of the tag?)... so couldn't tags be switched over to an enum, at least internally?
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