On 2/22/17 00:55, Jim Nasby wrote:
> Originally, no, but reviewing the list again I'm kindof wondering about 
> DO_DEFAULT_ACL, especially since the acl code in pg_dump looks at 
> defaults as part of what removes the need to explicitly dump 
> permissions. I'm also wondering if DO_POLICY could potentially affect 
> matviews?

I'm not sure about the details of these, but I know that there are
reasons why the permissions stuff is pretty late in the dump in general.

> Actually, I think matviews really need to be the absolute last thing. 
> What if you had a matview that referenced publications or subscriptions? 
> I'm guessing that would be broken right now.

I'm not sure what you have in mind here.  Publications and subscriptions
don't interact with materialized views, so the relative order doesn't
really matter.

> Not really; it just makes reference to needing to be in-sync with 
> pg_dump.c. My concern is that clearly people went to lengths in the past 
> to put everything possible before DO_PRE_DATA_BOUNDARY (ie, text search 
> and FDW) but most recently added stuff has gone after 
> DO_POST_DATA_BOUNDARY, even though there's no reason it couldn't be 
> pre-data. That's certainly a change, and I suspect it's not intentional

I think the recent additions actually were intentional, although one
could debate the intentions. ;-)

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