On 2/21/17 2:05 PM, Stephen Frost wrote:
As for $SUBJECT, I feel like it really depends, doesn't it?  If the
extension creates the matview w/ no data in it, and doesn't mark it as a
config table, should we really refresh it?  On the other hand, if the
extension creates the matview and either refreshes it, or something
else refreshes it later, then perhaps we should do so too, to get us
back to the same state.

I didn't think to test marking the matview as dumpable. If I do that then a refresh item does get created, and it's actually based on whether the view contains any data. We should at least document that.

Now that I know that, I guess I'm kinda on the fence about doing it automatically, because AFAIK there'd be no way to override that automatic behavior. I can't really conceive of any reason you wouldn't want the refresh, but since it's not happening today...
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