About v17:

Patch applies, "make check" & psql "make check" ok.

... '@' [...] I noticed that it takes precedence over '!'. [...]

My reasoning was this: if you're in a false block, and you're not connected
to a db, the \c isn't going to work for you until you get out of the false
block, so right now being in a false block is a bigger problem than not
being connected to a db. [...]


It could be nice to keep test cases that show what may happen?

Restored. It looks weird now, but it fixes the unterminated quoted string.

Typo "unterminted".

I think I found an issue while testing in interactive:

 calvin=# \if false
 calvin@#   \if false
 calvin@#     \echo false-false
   command ignored, use \endif or Ctrl-C to exit current branch.
 calvin@#   \endif
 calvin=#   \echo in false
   in false

The \if within the \if false branch is not tallied properly? Am I missing something?

Maybe more test cases should be added to check that nesting checks do work properly?

Maybe the documentation could add some kind of warning about that?

I changed the paragraph to

       Lines within false branches are parsed normally, however, any completed
       queries are not sent to the server, and any completed commands other
       than conditionals (<command>\if</command>, <command>\elif</command>,
       <command>\else</command>, <command>\endif</command>) are ignored.

I'm not sure about the ", however, " commas, but I'm sure that I do not know English punctuation rules:-)

Maybe the sentence could be cut in shorter pieces.

I think that the fact that "if" commands are checked for proper nesting could be kept in the explanation.

There's no mention that psql variables AREN'T expanded, so the user has
every expectation that they are.



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