On 2/24/17 11:26 AM, Robert Haas wrote:
I think we need to come up with some set of tests to figure out what
actually works well in practice here.  Theories are a good starting
point, but good vacuum behavior is really important, and a patch that
changes it ought to be backed up by at least some experimental

I think something else worth considering is that if we had some method of mapping heap TIDs back to indexes then a lot (all?) of these problems would go away. 10+ years ago the idea of keeping such a mapping would probably be untenable, but with resource forks and how much cheaper storage is maybe that's no longer the case.

For btree I think this could be done by keeping a second btree ordered by ctid that points either to index entries or even just to whole index pages. At ~ 20 bytes per entry, even a 1B row index would take ~20GB.

Page splits are obviously a big issue. Maybe it's safe to update the ctid map for every item that gets moved when a split happens.

Would a ctid map work for other indexes as well?
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