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> On 2/23/17 8:47 PM, Michael Paquier wrote:
>> Anything else than measured in bytes either requires a lookup at the
>> file timestamp, which is not reliable with noatime or a lookup at WAL
>> itself to decide when is the commit timestamp that matches the oldest
>> point in time of the backup policy.
> An indication that it'd be nice to have a better way to store this
> information as part of a base backup, or the archived WAL files.
> That could be made performance
>> wise with an archive command. With pg_receivexlog you could make use
>> of the end-segment command to scan the completely written segment for
>> this data before moving on to the next one. At least it gives an
>> argument for having such a command. David Steele mentioned that he
>> could make use of such a thing.
> BTW, I'm not opposed to an end-segment command; I'm just saying I don't
> think having it would really help users very much.
It might not help end users directly, but it could certainly help
tools-developers. At least that's what I'd think.

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