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Yes, SPAM is really a problem here. Unfortunatelly, telco companies won't do anything to keep spammers out of service. It's very radical to simply drop all the brazilian IPs, and I just cannot do this otherwise I'd be unable to talk to anyone. I've added about 20 B classes to the mta's access list and 99% of the spam went away. This is because ALL the spam that comes from Brazil are originated from ADSLs/Cablemodens.
Yet, I used to receive many spams from US/China until I started using spews.

I think that people with .org/.net/.com domains are really in a bad situation. People say that when they receive 300 mails a day, 250 or so are spam. This sounds really bad. In the worst times, I used to receive at most 5-10 spams a day, from 400 other e-mails.

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plus I have a contract for is open proxies, and the others are obvious.

I found to be very burocratic to add a single IP to it's database. I think this makes them much less effective.


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