On Thursday 29 May 2003 07:26, ow wrote:
> RH7.3 is a supported distribution for at least 6 months.

By Red Hat, but not necessarily by us.
That being said:

> Any plans to add
> Postgres 7.3.3 RPMs for RH7.3?

Yes.  Please understand that I only have at my disposal machines running Red 
Hat 9 (my personal notebook), Red Hat 8.0 (a couple of servers I admin), and 
Aurora 1.0 (0.42) (my personal SPARC servers).  I do not have a RH7.3 box, so 
I can't directly support RH 7.3.

Please also understand that I am not being paid by anyone at this time to do 
RPM releases -- it is a completely volunteer operation.

That being said, I have volunteers who build RPMs for the older distributions.  
RH 7.3 RPMs should be available today, with RH 6.2 RPMs possibly also 
available today.

Also please note that Red Hat doesn't support PostgreSQL 7.3.3 on Red Hat 
Linux 7.3.  RHL 7.3 shipped with a different version of PostgreSQL, which is 
the only version that they will support on Red Hat Linux, unless Red Hat 
releases an errata through RHN for PostgreSQL.

While I and Red Hat closely track on the contents of the RPMs, the RPMs 
labeled with 'PGDG' are not in any way being made available by Red Hat 
Software.  They are being made available by the PostgreSQL Global Development 
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