> On Thursday 29 May 2003 07:26, ow wrote:
> > RH7.3 is a supported distribution for at least 6 months.
> By Red Hat, but not necessarily by us.
> That being said:
> > Any plans to add
> > Postgres 7.3.3 RPMs for RH7.3?
> Yes.  Please understand that I only have at my disposal machines running
> Hat 9 (my personal notebook), Red Hat 8.0 (a couple of servers I admin),
> Aurora 1.0 (0.42) (my personal SPARC servers).  I do not have a RH7.3 box,
> I can't directly support RH 7.3.
> Please also understand that I am not being paid by anyone at this time to
> RPM releases -- it is a completely volunteer operation.
> That being said, I have volunteers who build RPMs for the older

That would be me :)  Sorry I was a little slow with providing RH73 packages!

> RH 7.3 RPMs should be available today, with RH 6.2 RPMs possibly also
> available today.

Someone else has already built RPMs for RH73 and Lamar has already uploaded
them to ftp.postgresql.org.  I just completed the RH62 packages. Lamar will
put them on the FTP server, but until then they can be picked up from
http://www.steffann.nl/PostgreSQL/v7.3.3/ if somebody needs them quickly.


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