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> Hmm, I think this could confuse people into thinking that the queries
> displayed were in fact prepared queries.
> Maybe we could gather some more ideas.

I think thats a reasonable concern - the main benefit of $1 is that its
already designated as something that can replace a constant, and still be
read by the Postgres parser.

Is there any other character that has the same properties?

I'll also note that Greg Stark mentioned in [0] that "There's another
feature pg_stat_statements *really* needs. A way to convert a jumbled
statement into one that can be prepared easily. The use of ? instead of :1
:2 etc makes this a mechanical but annoying process."

Using $1, $2, etc. for jumbling statements would give us that for free, no
additional effort needed.

[0] https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAM-w4HNOeNW6pY_1%


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