On 2/27/17 2:42 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
+ SET pltcl.start_proc = 'no_such_function';
+ select tcl_int4add(1, 2);
+ ERROR:  function no_such_function() does not exist

Can the error message be more explicit somehow? Otherwise people will be quite confused as to where no_such_function() is coming from.

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BTW, I'd think this functionality would be valuable for every PL. Maybe it's worth adding formal support for it to pg_language et all and leave it up to each language to decide whether it's supported or not? Multiple init functions might be useful too, similar to how we support multiple hook functions (though presumably a field of regproc[] is a better way to handle that...)

I'm also wondering if there'd be value to supporting code that runs on each function invocation.
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