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>> I like the idea of merging what are now two chapters into one and call it
>> Partitioned Tables, retaining the text that describes concepts
> +1
> ...but how?
> 5.10 Partitioned Tables and Related Solutions
> 5.10.1 Declarative Partitioning (this new feature)
> 5.10.2 Managing Partitions using Inheritance
> 5.10.3 Managing Partitions using Union All Views
> 5.10.4 Accessing tables using BRIN indexes
> So first and foremost we highlight the new feature and explain all its
> strengths with examples.
> We then explain the other possible ways of implementing something
> similar. This allows us to explain how to handle cases such as when
> partitions have different set of columns etc..
> I'm happy to put my name down to write the sections on Union All
> Views, which is useful but only mentioned in passing, and  the section
> on BRIN indexes, all of which would have their own independent sets of
> caveats.

I like the proposed 5.10.1 and 5.10.2 organization.  I am not sure
whether 5.10.3 and 5.10.4 make sense because I can't quite imagine
what content would go there.  We don't document UNION ALL views as a
method today, and I'm not sure we really need to start.  Also I don't
see what BRIN indexes have to do with partitioning.  But I may be
missing something.

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