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> Hello, some of my collegues found that orafce crashes with
> postgresql compliled with dtrace.
> === The cause
> The immediate cause was I think that it just did
> LWLockNewTrancheId and forget to do LWLockRegisterTranche. But
> this is hardly detectable by a module developer.

I'm sorry, I found that orafce is calling LWLockRegisterTranche
so this might be a different problem but anyway the problem with
RequestNamedLWLockTranche occurs.

> Typical tracepoint looks like the following.
> Where T_NAME is (LWLockTrancheArray[(lock)->tranche]), as you see
> T_NAME assumes that all tranches pointed from lwlocks are
> available on the array but the tranches without
> LWLockRegisterTranche are not. What is worse this doesn't harm so
> much without dtrace (or LWLOCK_STATS or error in LWLockRelease)
> . Even if dtrace is activated one or two unregistred tranches
> (faultly) have their seat (filled with trash) at the end of the
> array with the current code.
> As my understanding there are two ways to use lwlocks in
> extension.  One is using LWLockNewTrancheId and
> LWLockRegisterTanche on shared memory provided by the module. The
> other is using RequestNamedLWLockTranche in _PG_init and
> GetNamedLWLockTranche to acquire locks provided by postgresql.
> I couldn't find a documentation about lwlock and trance in
> extentions, is there any?
> === How to fix this
> The most straightforward way to fix this is chekcing the validity
> of tranche id on initilization of a lwlock. Even though I think
> that degradation won't be a matter here, NamedLWLockTrancheArray
> makes the things very ineffective. After some consideration I
> decided to remove NamedLWLockTrancheArray.
> === The patch
> The attached patch (is for current master) is aming to fix all
> the problem by doing the following two things.
> - Remove NameLWLockTrancheArray and all tranches are registered
>   in LWLockTrancheArray. This seems to work at least for
>   !EXEC_BAKCEND environment but I haven't tested with EXEC_BACKEND.
> - Check tranche id in LWLockInitialize.
> The first one required refactoring of CreateLWLocks. It is
> changed to register tranches first then initialize lwlokcs.
> The problem is found with PG9.6 and this should be backpatched at
> least to the version. I haven't tested PG9.5 and 9.4 but it seems
> to need different amendment. 9.3 doesn't has tranche.
> regards,

Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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