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>> You can read about usage of LWLocks in extensions from below location:
>> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/xfunc-c.html#idp86986416
> Thank you for the pointer. I understand that the document describes the only
> correct way to use LWLock in extensions  and using LWLockRegisterTranche  is
> a non-standard or prohibit way to do that.
> By the way, in the case of orafce, it uses LWLockRegisterTranche  directly
> but only when !found. So if any backend other than the creator of the shmem
> want to access tranche, the puch tranche is not found on the process and
> crashes. I think this is it.

Yeah and I think that is expected if you use LWLockRegisterTranche.
You might want to read comments in lwlock.h to know the reason behind
the same.

> If no other modules is installed, registeriing a tranche even if found will
> supress the crash but it is not a solution at all.
> At least for 9.6 or 10, orafce should do that following the documentation.


> But it still can crash from the problem by the separate
> NamedLWLockTrancheArray. (ID range check in LWLockInitialize would be
> useless if it is not used by extensions)

What exact problem are you referring here?

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