Christoph Berg wrote:

> The new version tests \g and \gx with a new query, and
> re-running it on the last query buffer.

Thanks, here's a review:

The patch compiles and works as expected.

The code follows the same pattern as other one-shot command
modifiers, setting a flag in the global "pset" struct
in exec_command() and resetting it at the end of SendQuery().

- make installcheck-world: ok

- sgml doc: ok

- help text: ok

- includes regression tests: ok

- tab-completion: works but the list in tab-complete.c:backslash_commands[]
is sorted alphabetically so "\\gx" should come after "\\gset"

- another nitpick: in PrintQueryTuples() it assigns a bool:
+       /* one-shot expanded output requested via \gx */
+       if (pset.g_expanded)
+               my_popt.topt.expanded = true;

"expanded" is defined as a tri-valued short int (print.h:98):
  typedef struct printTableOpt
    unsigned short int expanded;    /* expanded/vertical output (if supported
                                     * output format); 0=no, 1=yes, 2=auto */
Although there is still code that puts true/false in this variable
(probably because it was a bool before?), I assume that for new
code, assigning 0/1/2 should be preferred.

Best regards,
Daniel Vérité
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