On 2/13/17 8:59 PM, Haribabu Kommi wrote:

> The current patch that I shared doesn't contains the plan and executor
> changes to show
> the performance benefit of the clustered index. we used custom plan to
> generate the plan
> for the clustered index. Currently I am working on it to rebase it to
> current master and
> other necessary changes.
> In the current state of the patch, I cannot take any performance tests,
> as it needs some
> major changes according to the latest PostgreSQL version. I have an old
> performance
> report that is took on 9.5 attached for your reference.
> The current patch that is shared is to find out the best approach in
> developing a columnar
> storage in PostgreSQL, by adopting Index access methods + additional
> hooks or pluggable
> storage access methods?

While this looks like it could be a really significant performance
improvement, I think the above demonstrates that it needs a lot of work.
 I know this is not new to the 2017-03 CF but it doesn't seem enough
progress has been made since posting to allow it to be committed in time
for v10.

I recommend moving this patch to the 2017-07 CF.


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