On 3/3/17 13:58, Petr Jelinek wrote:
> On 23/02/17 08:24, Masahiko Sawada wrote:
>> Attached updated version patches. Please review these.
> This version looks good to me, I'd only change the
>> +            PreventTransactionChain(isTopLevel, "CREATE SUBSCRIPTION CREATE 
>> SLOT");
> to "CREATE SUBSCRIPTION ... CREATE SLOT" as that's afaik how we do it
> for other commands (and same with DROP).

I have committed fixes for these issues.

I didn't like the syntax change in DROP SUBSCRIPTION, so I have just
fixed the parsing of the existing syntax.  We can discuss syntax changes
separately.  The second patch I have committed after some editing.  I
think it was generated on top of the existing data copy patch, so it was
a bit of a mess.

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