Has the single-byte LIKE penalty been eliminated, so we don't need to
consider using C as the default locale for initdb, right?

If fixed, how was it done?


Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Tom Lane writes:
> > I recall someone floating a proposal that initdb should by default
> > initialize the database in C locale, not whatever-it-finds-in-the-
> > environment.  To get a non-C locale you'd have to give an explicit
> > command-line switch --- essentially, reversing the sense of the present
> > "initdb --no-locale" option.
> If you're concerned about speed, let's think about fixing the real
> problems, not about disabling the feature altogether.  A while ago I
> proposed an easy solution that made LIKE use an index based on strxfrm
> order instead.  It was rejected on the grounds that it would prevent a
> future enhancement of the LIKE mechanism to use the locale-enabled
> collation order, but no one seems to be seriously interested in
> implementing that.  I still have the patch; we can reconsider it if you
> like.
> (Btw., LIKE using the locale-enabled collation sequence is hardly going to
> work, because most locales compare strings backwards from the end to the
> start in the second pass, so something like LIKE 'foo%' can easily give
> inconsistent results, since you don't know what the end of the string
> really is.  It's better to think of pattern matching as
> character-by-character matching.)
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